Sign up for North Star District newsletter emails. You may also join the Circle 10 Shooting Sports group by checking the check box for that group. If you do please fill out the additional questions at the bottom about any certifications you may have. If not, just if ignore those questions. 
  • The North Start group is automatically selected, the C10 Shooting Sports group is optional, and is really designed for those BSA members who have taken the NRA or Archery classes given by the council. 
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      Shooting Sports

  •   Cubmaster
      Committee Chair
      Committee Member
      Charter Org. Rep
      Assistant Cubmaster
      Assistant Scoutmaster
      Tiger Leader
      Bear/Wolf Leader
      Webelos Leader
      Crew Advisor
      Parent of a Scout
      District Committee
      District Commissioner
      Popcorn Chair
      Popcorn Coach
      Popcorn Captain

  •   Cub Scout
      Boy Scout

  •   Cub Scouts
      Boy Scouts
      First Year Boy Scout
      Order of the Arrow
      Risk Management

  •   Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
      NRA Muzzleloading (New)
      NRA Certified Rifle
      NRA Certified Muzzleloading Rifle
      NRA Certified Shotgun
      NRA Certified Muzzleloading Shotgun
      Certified Pistol
      NRA Certified Muzzleloading Pistol
      NRA Training Counselor
      NRA RSO
      NRA CRSO
      NFAA/USAA Archery I
      NFAA/USAA Archery II
      NFAA/USAA Archery III
      BSA NCS Shooting Sports Director
      BSA NCS Shooting Sports Director w/Pistol
      NRA Coach - Rifle
      NRA Coach - Pistol
      NRA Certified Coach - Rifle
      NRA Certified Coach - Pistol
      NRA Certified Coach - Muzzleloading Pistol
      NRA Advanced Certified Coach - Pistol
      BSA Range Master - Archery
      BSA Archery Director
      BSA BB Gun Range Master
      Circle 10 Archery Level I
      Circle 10 Archery Level II
      State Trained Hunters Education Instructor
      Council 5 Stand
      Council Cowboy Action
      None at this time

  •   With other troops
      With my district
      With my OA chapter
      With other districts
      With other OA chapters
      With the council
      With the OA lodge
      With other council groups
      Help with camp Gun Maintenance
      Not at this time

  •   Apprentice Muzzleloading (New)
      Apprentice NRA Rifle
      Apprentice NRA Muzzleloading Rifle
      Apprentice NRA Shotgun
      Apprentice NRA Muzzleloading
      Apprentice NRA Pistol
      Apprentice NRA Muzzleloading Pistol
      Assistant Muzzleloading (New)
      Assistant NRA Rifle
      Assistant NRA Muzzleloading Rifle
      Assistant NRA Shotgun
      Assistant NRA Muzzleloading Shotgun
      Assistant NRA Pistol
      Assistant NRA Muzzleloading Pistol
      None or Not Applicable

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